Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cut your Bills Every Month!!

Bills, bills, bills and more bills. Sadly we are stuck paying them each month, but the experience can get better if you find ways to cut them. This past week I have saved us $70 per month on expenses and this is how.

1. I recently had a birthday and thought it would be a good idea to get my auto insurance shopped. A few hours later my local insurance provider called me back and said he could get me a new policy for $50 dollars less a month. This agent is actually a broker and has the rights to sell policies from a lot of different companies and so he is always keeping me updated with ways I can save.

2. Two weeks ago my cell phone company notified me telling me that my messaging plan now made it so that all calls mobile to mobile would be free. So I looked at my bill having only one number I call on a consistent basis that was not a mobile phone I figured I could do without the extra minutes I was paying for. Saving $20 a month. 

Now the plan is to put that money to work making more money. Contributing to our retirement plan and also our other investment pots. Slowly but surely we are seeing a rise in those areas and it is getting exciting. In addition to finding a few ways to save this month our side incomes have risen as well making September one of our better months this year. 

What are some a few things you have found you can live without that are not saving you money? I know a lot of people have been dumping their Netflix account due to the recent price changes. My wife and I still have not canceled but I think about it everyday. We love the Instant streaming but the choices are limited, we also love the DVDs but they are not worth the extra cost of having two different subscriptions.  For the same price we could update our cable and get almost everything we would miss by canceling. Remember that anything that has a monthly payment can probably be cut to some degree.   

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