Friday, May 6, 2011

Save money while taking time off from your regular routine.

Taking time off can be a costly affair. However having time to relax and enjoy doing a few things you love is well worth it. Interestingly enough a few of my favorite things to do with time off is make more money, work on things around the house that build value or spend time in nature. All of which can be done for very little. I had a week break between semesters of school and it has been very productive. I worked a little extra at one of my part time jobs banking some extra cash. In addition to that over the past few days I have been working outside in the yard. It's been great soak up some sun and when the backyard fence is done it will add value to the home. So far the cost of materials? $0.

Now let me explain, the lot for our house used to be 4 acres. A developer separated the lot into 4 different lots. Rendering the old fence line useless. So after talking with my neighbor I was able to start digging up the old fence and move it onto my property. A day later and about 20 blisters I am about 40% done with the project. I have also been searching classified ads for used fencing that I can use to close off the last section of the yard. I hope to do it all for under a few hundred dollars. However the added value of the fence should more than compensate. One could argue that I could have spent more time at work and just paid to get it done. I have two responses one I don't get paid enough for that to actually work for me very often and two I love working in the yard so it's a win win situation.

What do you like to do when you have time off? Does your family have a Weekend business that provides extra income?

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