Monday, May 2, 2011

Never Buy A DVD Again:

Spending money on entertainment can get costly, especially when it comes to movies. Purchasing DVDs and going to the Theater is getting extremely expensive. It's been over two years since I purchased a movie  and I haven't missed it at all. There are several ways to watch and view movies (legally) that can really save you money.

1. Netflix: I have been subscribed to Netflix for over two years now and I love it. The "Instant Que." provides thousands of movie and TV series that can be watched instantly. Not only have I been able to watch past seasons of some of my favorite shows but I have found many shows I would have never tried. Remember how big of a pain it was going to Blockbuster and trying to rent an entire season of a show. You would spend the next day watching the entire series so you didn't have to pay the late fee. In addition to the "Instant Que." if you really want a special movie for friday night put it into your mailing Que. on Wednesday and you are ready on friday. 

Cost= Around 2 movie Tickets a month $15.99

2. Hulu: Is a perfect for watching your current favorite TV shows. Typically you have to wait until the next day, and you do have to watch commercials but at least you can do it at your own convenience. Hulu also has a decent selection of feature films to watch as well. 

Cost= Free, however they do offer their premium version "Hulu Plus" that offers more titles for just $7.99

combine this with Netflix and you can probably cancel your Dish Network or Direct TV subscriptions

3. Redbox: Is a great way to get a new release movie without having to fork out four or five dollars. With Thousands of locations you shouldn't have to go more than a mile or two to find a Kiosk. 

Cost= $1, Watch the movie and return within twenty four hours for just $1 dollar a day. Remember to reserve the movie online to make sure someone else doesn't get it first. 

4. Discount Theaters: Rather than spending $9 a person at the multiplex theatre, let those close to must see movies hit the discount theaters and see them there. You can still get the big screen experience without the big price. (Note many discount theaters are not asa good of quality, however the sacrifice isn't always that big of a deal)

Cost= $1 to $3

5. iTunes: Apple has done it again by providing a massive amount of movies and television series in the apple store. Now not exactly the most cost effective way to watch movies but it is extremely convenient. It also eliminates space needed to store your movies on shelves or special racks. Having them at your fingertips on your computer is amazing. Remember to back them up on a external Hard drive as well to ensure you do not lose any important data. 

Cost=Rentals from $1 to $3.99. Movie Purchase competitive to store prices. 

Most of these ideas are well known but underutilized. Save yourself some cash and put them to work. 

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