Monday, April 11, 2011

Save on yard work

Working in the yard is one of my all time favorite past times. Considering the state of our current front yard it's a good thing too. With work and school last summer I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. So this year the plan is to get to work and start transforming our yard. The overall project will take a lot of time and work. We purchased our home from some investors who were looking to get rid of it. (it had a few large projects to be done) Overall the outside is fine and structurally everything is sound, but the yard looks abandoned. It is also obvious that during it's vacancy locals didn't mind dumping their extra yard waste in the yard. Last year I made several trips to the local dump removing cement and other trash that I had no use for.

However some of what was left has turned out to be useful. The yard needs leveling which requires dirt. Seeing how there are a few piles of dirt around I have access to some free fill dirt, but it needs to be sifted. Rather than calling in a few dump trucks of new dirt (which I may still need some) I have found a quick easy way to sift it myself. I took a pallet I had on hand for an older project and knocked out most of the cross boards. Grabbed some chicken wire, another random thing someone left us and a few nails later I have my own sifter. The rocks are piling up which I will use for another project and the clean fill dirt is being saved for filling in low spots in the yard before sprinklers and sod are put in.

All to often we look past the supplies we have at hand to do the work around us. I have also found dozens of people online who have free fill dirt if you pick it up.

Check back for more ideas on ways to garden on a budget and even increase your wealth by either building the overall value of your home or supplementing your food budget with home grown food. What is something creative you have done re-use something around your yard?

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