Monday, March 14, 2011

University Weekend

Most of us live around some kind of a University or college. This provides many opportunities for a lot of free or very cheap activities. For example last weekend my wife and I were looking into a few things to do. We found that at the University that I am attending there was going to be dinner and a movie for just $3 a couple. The movie was Disney's Tangled a movie we wanted to see. Rather than watching it in one of our local discount theatres for around the same price per person we headed to the school and got dinner for free. The entire experience was fun and for just three dollars a great deal. Because of the great deal we saw a lot of people who clearly were not students but were just out to enjoy a nice cheap night of fun with the family.

So how can you make the most of you local University or College? Here are a few things to look out for!

Guest speakers: Universities regularly play hosts to dozens of great guest speakers. Attendance is almost always free and you get the chance to hear from someone who is making a big impact on society.

Museums: I have always loved art and museums. I also like supporting students who are looking to display their art. Most Universities have an art museum on campus or an area where student art is being displayed. Check out the Universities website and enjoy a date night talking about the various art pieces.

Sporting Events: I have mentioned before that we really enjoy going to sporting events. Depending on how important the game is or how good your team is, ticket prices will vary. College teams typically have smaller stadiums so sitting on the top row for just a few dollars shouldn't be painful at all.

Expos: My University plays host to dozens of expos each year. Expos are a ton of fun a decent way to network and a great way to spend an entire day checking out new technology or products at a very low cost. The guest speakers are often very informative as well, and I usually walk out with more free gifts than I spent on the ticket to get in. Not to mention I often learn to skills.

International Film nights: Dive into cultural diversity by watching international films. A lot of Universities have movie nights for free or very cheap where you can watch a film from a different country and enjoy seeing how others think and feel.

Skills nights: Often Universities are the host of dozens of after hour classes. You may not want to go back to school to get a minor in sewing but you do want to hone your skills. Look for free or cheap classes and get your hands dirty in a hobby.

The list could go on but take advantage of your tax dollars by seeing what your local College or University has to offer. What is something that you do at local College or University for fun?

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