Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thinking outside the box

Think outside the box to save money.

Plant trees that will cast shade on your home: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, shading an air conditioner can boost its efficiency by as much as 10 percent. 

Sell the house and hit the road: Tired of being tied down with a home payment? Home ownership is extremely expensive even if you exclude the mortgage. Insurance,property tax, utilities and upkeep.  RVing can be a great low cost lifestyle if done frugally. Many people who work from home via the Internet or telephone, work seasonal jobs or are retired find living on the road to be refreshing and fun. Who wouldn't love to wake up in Florida in February and Maine in September. 

Toilet brick: Lower the amount of water you are using by placing a brick or other object in the flush tank, limiting the amount of water per flush. 

Park the Car: Walk, bike or use public transit to get to work. At the very least see if there is anyone you can carpool with. This saves money on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Share: Adults have forgotten how to share. You mow your lawn once a week, maybe even once every other week. So does everyone else. So why do you own a lawn mower for the other 6 days? Why not purchase a mower with a neighbor and just split the days. Once you are done return it to the neighbor so they can have it for their day and switch back and forth.

Cleaning Supplies: Use Vinegar and other natural supplies to clean rather than expensive cleaning products. 

Finding ways to save is a constant process that takes thought and innovation. What out of box ideas have you used to save money? 

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