Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Side Hustle update part 3

Building a side hustle has a ton of benefits. It not only increases your ability to earn more cash, but it teaches you new valuable skills and enables you to work on something that you love. But how do you choose what you want to do? Start with your passion or something you are interested in doing. Brainstorm about how you can make revenue with that passion. Maybe you are an expert at something and you can teach others how to do it? Maybe you really see a few products that could make your hobby or passion more enjoyable for others. Develop those ideas and create a product that could fulfill those needs.

My "side hustle" chose me. I was working doing wedding and marketing videos when I created a marketing video for a Photo booth rental company. I had a lot of ideas on how they could expand their business and shared them with the operators. The owner liked my ideas and when the current operator was moving to a different state I was asked by the owner to take over. So I started out as a contracted worker. I found that I really enjoyed the work and saw this businesses full potential. After about a year of contracted work I asked to purchase the booths from the owner and start my own business. We have a long ways to go but we are on our way to positioning our business where we want it. Income is coming in and we hope to replace my wives income by the end of the year with this "side hustle".  I do all of the work for this businesses after hours and between classes at school so things can get a bit hectic. Overall it has been a great experience and the extra money coming in is helping us reach our financial goals. So take time this upcoming weekend to brainstorm about how you can create more income with sometime of a "side hustle"

Here is a link to a article in the local newspaper about my small businesses.

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