Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Treasure in the Attic

As a frugal person I am always on the hunt for good deals. In previous posts I have shown items I have found at thrift stores or garage sales. All of which were great deals especially when re-finished to meet our needs. In addition to that I am always looking for items that are valuable to sell. I have on occasion purchased something and then sold it for a profit. So what kind of treasure do you have in your attic? Do you have an old collection of items that are valuable? For example I was talking with a friend about old board games I used to play. So I wanted to look a few of them up, in doing so I found that a brand new copy of one of my favorite board games 'Heros Quest' was being sold on Amazon for $650. "Good" used versions of the game were selling for around $150 dollars.

We are not ready to part with the game, but its astonishing the treasure that can be found in the attic.

Check out this list of  valuable baseball cards that could change some peoples financial futures.

When looking for ways to get out of debt or to make some extra cash do not overlook items that you could sell. In fact you may be able to make a part time job out of buying and selling goods on Internet marketplaces like EBay or Amazon.

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