Monday, February 28, 2011

Refurbish and furnish

Furnishing your home can get extremely expensive especially if you are buying new and financing it. Knowing that we would need chairs and other furniture that we did not own. My wife and I started looking for cheap or free furniture. I remembered an old chair my family had down in our basement that was hideous. I knew it had potential so I wanted to see if it was still around. Sure enough tucked in storage my sister was more than happy to get it off her hands. So here are the before and after pictures of

And the after

Looks a lot better doesn't it!!!! Because the chair was totally free we only had to purchase fabric and stain. We didn't keep the receipt but we estimate the total project cost was less than $25. A special thanks goes out to our mom Leslie who did the reupholstering when she was visiting us. I can actually take no claim to this project other than finding the chair. My family was amazed at how great it turned out, they almost couldn't recognize it. So next time you are thinking you need that new chair or dresser, see what you can do by refurbishing something you already own or purchasing something for a great price at a garage sale or thrift store. 

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