Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 5 favorite personal finance APPS.

So before I get started with this, I want to acknowledge that there are thousands of finance apps that do many different things. These are just the few I use on a regular basis that I think are noteworthy.

1. app: Yes I recently made a post about and this is just another reason why I love them. I can evaluate and update my budget from my phone. I can also monitor all of my accounts in just one place which I love. This app also lets me see "to the date expenses" which helps me from spending too much.. especially on my work lunch budget.

2. Invoice Lite: This app is amazing! Because I run a small "side hustle" I need to give estimates and send out invoices. This app lets me create and send them from my Iphone or Ipad which is a life saver for me because I am always on the go. The invoices are customizable and look professional which helps me make more money!

3. Square: Square is a credit card processing app, which I couldn't live without. Using services with monthly payments and terminals just isn't an option for me. Although Squares percentages are a bit higher than other options I reap the savings when I do not have to pay monthly fees. I can also take payments anywhere I am at! You can also use square for personal use, if someone owes you money but doesn't have cash you can run their card and it will send the payment to your personal bank account. Not to mention you can send them a text or email with a handy receipt.

4. IntCalc: Is a compound interest calculator that is free and perfect for those of us who can't do compound interest in our heads. This has really helped me save money! How? Because when I want to make a large purchase I type the purchase price into this app and see how much that money could be worth in 30 years if I invested it into a Mutual Fund. Seeing the result really makes me think about the purchase.

5. ING Bank app: So it's no secret I love ING bank, they actually pay interest and even with the small amount of money I have. I notice the dividends each month. This app helps me manage that account and make withdrawals from my credit union. Login is easy and safe and the interface is awesome. If you are interested in opening an account with ING let me know and I will send you a referral email. Which if you sign they will give me $25 for pretty sweet eh?

I have close to half a dozen more on my phone but these are the ones I use the most. What finance apps do you use? How is it helping you save or make more money?

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