Friday, February 18, 2011

Long frugal weekend.

For many of us, finding frugal things to do over a regular weekend is hard enough. Add an extra day on top of that and it seems we end up spending a lot to keep ourselves entertained. So here are a few ideas on things you can do over a long weekend on the cheap!

1. Tackle one of those extensive DIY projects you have been wanting to do. A good way to do this frugally is by planning ahead. Spend a few weeks or months looking for discounts on the items you will need. Often using craigslist you can find that tile for your bathroom you have always wanted for less than half the cost at your local hardware store. The long weekend really opens up the scale and scope of the project. 

2. Jump start your spring cleaning and empty out a few of those closets that are too full. Plan ahead and post a few signs around town and host a yard sale the on Monday. Not only are you cleaning out your home but you are also putting a few dollars in your pocket. Following the sale donate the rest of the goods to to a local thrift or consignment shop. 

Want a more relaxing weekend where you are not working? 

3. House exchange, heading to warmer weather may not be as expensive as you think. Swap your home for the weekend with someone who wants a weekend ski trip while you enjoy the summer rays. Cutting out the cost of having to pay for hotels for a weekend. There are dozens of online services where you can arrange this. is just one of the many places where you can list your home for a week, or weekend home swap. 

4. Declare a care free weekend, turn off your cell phone, and set up auto reply for your email. Grab some books or whatever materials you need for a relaxing weekend and spend a few days sitting by the fire relaxing. Do not forget to order your favorite take-out at least once so you do not have to spend time doing the dishes. 

5. Visit family, take a weekend to visit some family who lives close by (within a few hours). Renew friendships and spend quality time chatting and catching up. This can be a lot of and talking is really cheap. 

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