Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day

Valentines day: The day we express our love and renew commitments. Sure you may have a different definition but I like that one. So what kind of advice can pinchapenny give about one of the more expensive holidays?

1. Make it a holiday where love really is the emphasis, no bouquet of roses or truck load of chocolates can extinguish 364 days of lack luster interest  in your partner. (but they can help)

2. Do something that reminds you why you are together in the very first place:
- Spend the day doing one of your favorite activities as a couple
-Rent the movie you watched when you first held hands
-Write a personal note or card telling them all the things you love about them
- Go to the restaurant you went to on your first date

3. Do something for your partner that you know they hate doing themselves. 

4. If you are a guy... make it about her because we all know she loves this holiday and you love her. 

Divorce is not only heart breaking and time consuming. But it is typically very hard on your finances. Not to mention that money problems are the number listed reason for divorce. So do something today to strengthen your marriage and in the next few days do something to strengthen your finances. 

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