Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Financial success can be reached in thousands of ways but here are a few ideas from people who are either already there are a lot closer to it than me. 

Become a Millionaire in ten years:

Although it's a plan that takes a pretty hefty paycheck to accomplish, I know a few families who if they were willing to live off of an income that the average american family does they could be millionaires in just ten years. 

A few great quotes from Dave Ramsey:
1. “I'm not against people having new cars. I'm against them having you. We spend a tremendous amount impressing somebody at the stoplight who we'll never meet. It makes you broke and keeps you broke.”

2. “This is not a game, ... Debt has become a part of who we are. It's become that spoiled child in the grocery store with their lip stuck out: 'I want it. I want it. I deserve it because I breathe air.' And, well, that's an uphill climb in our culture right now, to go against that and say, 'Hey, let's be grownups here. Let's be mature, learn to delay pleasure, save up and pay for things."

3.“I'm not talking about Hitler's boot camp for kids or something. But they do need to learn to work, ... Graduate from high school with something more than the ability to open a bag of Doritos and play Nintendo. That's a bad plan. Work creates money. I meet 54-year-olds that haven't got that one down.”

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