Friday, January 14, 2011

Frugal winter DIY projects.

A few DIY ideas I want to take on this winter,

Wall mural:

Decorating a home office can get expensive, but with creativity and some help from others coming up with some great decoration ideas on the cheap can be easier than you may have thought. Inspired again from Ready Made Magazine is a wall mural I want to put my own spin on and put in my office as an accent wall. Purchasing the posters from thrift stores and newspapers, should be a cheap fun project to do. I will keep you updated on it.

Speaker wire jump rope:
Looking to burn some of those holiday pounds but do not want to go run in the freezing cold air. I found a great design for a jump rope made of speaker wire and a few permanent markers. I love the look and it is a cheap way to make something great. Here is a pic of one. 

Portable filing cabinet:
In hopes to better organize the home office I ran into a super cute filing system that I liked. So I have made a few changes so I can move the cabinet around the house easily with some caster wheels. I have started collecting pieces already from local thrift shops. I am hoping to keep the total cost under $25 dollars. Picture soon to come. 

Remodel Bathroom:
Our guest bathroom is outdated and impractical, it doesn't have a shower leaving guests with only one choice to use our shower. So this winter we are going to start pulling an overhaul. Of course we will be doing this the most frugal ways we can think of. We also hope to see added value to the home with a more functional guest bathroom. I will keep you posted.

What are a few projects you would like to do to pass the cold winter? Shoot me an email with the project idea and pictures of the final project and I will post them on here. 

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