Saturday, December 11, 2010

Car repair

The cost of repairing your car can really eat into your budget. The worst  thing about car problems are they are almost impossible to plan for. So what can you do to avoid busting the budget when it comes to getting that car fixed and back on the road? When it comes to major repairs I suggest searching around for a good mechanic. Ask co-workers or family who they have been going to. When you call the repair man mention that so and so referred you. That way he knows that by doing a good job he is getting more business.

But for those smaller tasks like changing the oil, or replacing your brake pads, pull out the old tool set and do it yourself. Our brake pads needed replaced on our car, so I stopped by a few places to get estimates. The best price was $55 with an average of around $70. I couldn't believe how expensive it was. Remembering a few things from automotive in high school I decided to do it on my own. I hopped online and watched  a few tutorials to refresh my memory and then did it. Entire cost of the project? $17 dollars and an hour of my time. Between driving to the repair shop waiting for it to be my cars turn and waiting for the job to be done it would have taken at least that much time. There are hundreds of small projects we can do on our cars rather than paying a repair man.

If you are looking at doing a bigger job I suggest purchasing a repair manual about your specific car. For example:

Fixing your own car not only saves money but it can be a fun activity for you as well.
What are a few repairs you have done to your car versus taking it into the shop?

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