Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 Tips on how to beat the bookstore and save cash
1. Never buy a book from the university bookstore.
2. Before your classes begin, email your professors and get a list of the books needed. Then head to Amazon.com and look for the book there. Last semester the book store wanted $30 for a book that I got off of Amazon for $4.50
3. Check the add board in the school. Many students miss the sell back period and are desperate to sell their books. Practice your bartering skills by talking them down to a great price.
4. Study buddy: Find a study buddy in your class that you can split cost of the book with. Not only will you do better in the class but you will spend half as much on the book.
5. Talk to your teacher about past editions of the textbook. I did this for my business management and physical science classes. By purchasing the 5th edition rather than
buying the 6th edition in my business class I was able to spend only $.25 versus 35 at the book store. I found the old edition of the physical science book and used it. Other than some new cover art both books were the exact same. Even the chapter questions in the back.
6. Do homework on your professors. I always check out ratemyprofessor.com when registering for a class with an unfamiliar professor. I always search to see if previous
students have said buying the book was not worth it.
7. When you buy a book on Amazon for less than the book store is asking. Find a local
competitive book store to sell the book to. They will give you a better price than reselling it on amazon. Its a good way to make extra cash on textbooks. (I will post in further detail about this later, if you have any questions let me know)
8. If the only reason you need the book is to read a few excerpts, check Google books, they have a huge selection of books on their data base.


  1. I used lots of these ideas when I was in school. In fact back in the day (before they outlawed it and started keeping track) I bought a few books on amazon and sold them back to the university bookstore and made money. My only tip would be to check half.com too (owned by ebay) - often you can either buy or sell them back at a better price.

  2. I will have to check them out thanks!!